Thursday, 6 December 2012

Sweet Boozes - handmade gifts

Last year we did this:

Pear Drop and Sarsaparilla Vodka!

Simply pour vodka over some sweets - Pear Drops and Sarsaparilla work most excellently :) Something like Kola Kubes, Pineapple Kubes or Aniseed Balls would work too. Some boiled sweet suggestions here. Leave for a few days, remembering each day to give the jar(s) a little shaky shaky, maybe a tasty tasty...

The alcohol dissolves the sweets and leaves a syrupy liqueur-type drink. Decant into bottles and voilĂ   a handmade Christmas gift that doesn't cost a fortune, is easy to make and looks fab in a little labelled bottle ready for gift-giving!

*Drink responsibly ;)